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My Build Project is on hold for the moment as I’m currently working in The United Arab Emirates but will return to it when time allows. I currently have finished both the empennage and wing kits and fair to say its a real fun project.

I gained my PPL in April 2009 after 18 months of training and started to consider what next, an IMC rating, do the APTL exams or build something to fly?

After a shift change at work which frees up all the daytime build hours you could wish for and admiring my friend Tim’s home built RV-7 for a long time I decided to place an order and challenge myself massively. I think it’s fair to say at this point in time I’m not sure I can actually pull this off but having spoken at length with Tim he reckon’s the RV-12 is the ideal aircraft to cut your teeth on.

So on order now 3 kits from Van’s and a builders tool kit from Avery Tools in the States. My first kit the empennage should arrive via air freight into Manchester International at the start of February 2010 and then the challenge can begin.

I hope you enjoy following my progress and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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THE KIT: Made by Vans Aircraft in Oregon who have been making aluminium kit aeroplanes for over 30 years with over 7,025 flying worldwide today and the 7,000th to fly was an RV-12


Length: 5.82m or 19.12 ft

Height: 2.56m or 8.43ft

Wing Span: 8.19m or 26.87ft

Fuel: 75 litres or 16.5 UK Gallons

Range: 560 - 614 statute miles (482 - 534 nautical miles) depending on power setting

Empty Weight: 740 lbs

MTOW: 1320 lbs or 600 kgs

VNE: 136 kts or 156mph

Cruise: 90 kts or 104 mph or 108 kts or 124 mph depending on power setting

Stall: 41 kts or 47 mph

Rate of Climb: 1,135 ft or 346 meters per minute

Service Ceiling: 12,000ft or 3,658 meters

Limit Load Factor Light Sport Category: +4.0g / -2.0g



10/01/11 Project on hold due to overseas working

02/11/10 Moved kit to Wales

26/10/10 Wing kit finished after 162hrs:55 minutes

23/08/10 Finished right wing 31hrs: 25 minutes or 22 days

1/08/10 Finished left wing 98hrs:05 minutes or 69 days

13/05/10 2 Kits Arrives in Manchester

12/05/10 Empennage Kit Finished in 121hrs:20 minutes or 76 days

25/02/10 LAA Grant Permission to Build

18/02/10 CAA Registration G-OXII Granted

09/02/10 LAA Registration Sent Off

08/02/10 Collected 1st Kit & Builders Tool Kit

27/01/10 1st Shipment Sent

08/12/09 Order Placed for kit 120314